From Tulcea you can take “ Alexandra” motorboat and you can visit for 1,2,3 or 4 days ( depending on your free time) the unique Danube. Because of the oneness pf the places, we can organize “safari” kind trips for the photographers. We can organize special trips that can allow you to visit any part of the Danube.

- fishing
- visiting Sf Gheorghe Beach
- Sulina ( with the old beacon)
- Mila 23 ( a village from Delta)

1. Tulcea- Maliuc – Canalul Crisan- Caraorman-Lacul Puiu-Lacul Rosu-Imputita- Canalul Bursuca- Sulina-Tulcea
2. Tulcea- Canalul Mila 23- Garla Sireasa-Golful Sontea- Canalul Olguta- Dunarea Veche- Sat Mila 23-Crisan- Maliuc
3. Tulcea-Murighiol-Canalul Dunavat-Canalul Dranov- Golful Holdina-Lacul Razim-Gura Portitei

- hunting
- fishing
- birdwatching
- relaxing
- a road with the motorboat

THE PIKE: The most catcher fish from Danube waits its bag under the luxuriant vegetation from the water. The pike prefers clear water with plenty vegetation: Chiril, Uzlina, Taranov, Onofrei are places that can assure you a great fishing. When vegetation is not helpful the solution are private areas like: Dunavat or Holbina.

THE CARP: The wild carp from Danube is one of the most important choices of the fishermen, but the reproduction of this fish from April till June stops the fishing. An important roll for a great fishing is the choice of the place: a weak current, the bushes, flooded areas…. Fishing areas: Rosu, Uzlina, Sf Gheorghe, Crisan.

THE SHEAT FISH: The sheat fish is the biggest fish from Danube. The most often bait used is the black frame, the mole cricket, the little frog…. Fishins areas for sheat fish: Sf Gheorghe, Crisan….